The Secret of Yacon

So what is Yacon plant also named Smallanthus sonchifolius and what benefits derived? This plant is very easy to grow, even for inexperienced gardeners, and is a lovely addition to salads. If you can grow dahlias successfully where you live, you can grow yacon. It thrives in just about any area that receives consistent moisture, with good drainage and moderate heat. The plants need a long growing season, and the tubers form in fall when the days get shorter.

South Americans eat it as a fruit; they also use the leaves to wrap foods during cooking, in the same way grape leaves are used in the Mediterranean and Middle East and banana leaves in the tropics. In South America, yacon tubers can have yellow, orange, pink and purple flesh, each with their own flavors. Unfortunately, at this time, there are only a couple of varieties available in the United States, and they are all white-flesh varieties. All of the varieties have a crunchy bite. The water content is high enough that Yacon can be a welcome addition to a healthful juice blend. Yacon also improves your soil.

Don’t expect to have a bumper crop of Yacon the first year. Yacon will need some time to adjust to local conditions. In a good year, generally you can expect double to triple the harvest of a similar sized crop of potatoes. After the first killing frost has killed most of the plants, lift the crowns by loosening the soil around the tubers with a fork. Carefully remove the entire root system from the ground. Snap the tubers off the crowns and let them sweeten by mellowing in the sun for a couple of weeks. Yacon also lends itself to growing using the bag method. Order the roots online and give it a try in your spring garden. Dental Health – Yacon syrup cannot harm your teeth.


Yacon syrup benefits stem further than just one loop on your belt. This amazing root, which is mostly grown from Colombia to Southwest Argentina, has been proven to lower insulin and even bad cholesterol. This is due to the ingredients in this magical syrup: prebiotics, insulin and fructooligosaccharide (FOS). These natural sugars are what are found in plants. FOS, known as the “friendly bacteria”, passes through our digestive system without causing any major changes in the way our bodies might metabolize a food. It is also a very low caloric food and acts like soluble fiber. These key ingredients have also been known to aid in digestion, which in turn helps to suppress your appetite and any cravings you may have. Read more about Yacon syrup ingredients here

As an avid “foodie” and someone who has tried every diet on the market, it’s hard to believe that there is something out there that I would enjoy putting in my body, and get all these amazing benefits. It seems too good to be true? And I have to admit I was skeptical at first too. But the taste alone has got me hooked. And although weight loss is the reason for trying this tasty treat, knowing that is helping me in so many other ways. And that is what will keep me in the yacon syrup game. If you are looking for a way to trim your waist and help clean your body from the inside out, make yacon syrup your new favorite condiment!

Most Beneficial Fat Burning Supplement

If you have read about fat burning supplements only recently, then chances are you have no idea that there are actually a lot of them in the market today. The truth is that these supplements have been sold in pharmacy stores almost everywhere in the world for a lot of years now, that is why the companies who are responsible for them knows how profitable these drugs actually are. As such it is difficult to know which fat burnerones will be effective for you if you don’t have enough information to help you. This article will help you know the types of fat burning supplements that you can get from the market and tell you which ones you can benefit from the most.

1.The appetite controller supplements – these fat burning supplements will primarily help you lose weight by helping you control your appetite. If you take them as indicated and continuously on a daily basis, then you will definitely experience the effects. You will begin to eat less amount of food, and you will start to notice that you can finally skip your snacks with ease. If you are already in an exercise program and your current diet is the only thing that is making it difficult for you to lose weight, then this fat burning supplement will definitely benefit you the most.

2.The fat absorption controller supplements – these fat burning supplements for women helps reduce the amount of fat that is absorbed in your body. These pills usually contain ingredients that binds with fat so that your body does not digest it but instead simply forms it as part of your waste. These supplements are quite effective and are indeed very popular. One of the most popular brands is Xenical. It can be bought over the counter and can easily be taken within an hour after your last meal.

3.The thermogenics – this is probably the most beneficial supplement at the moment when it comes to fat burning. This is because it raises your body temperature to higher than normal levels. When it does this, your metabolism also increases. This is a good thing for you because it would mean that you will be able to burn calories faster while working out or even while you are resting. Imagine, being able to burn a lot of calories even as you are just watching a movie or sleeping. Naturally to see the results, you would still need to control the food you take in.

Questions About Plastic Surgery in Hawaii

Nowadays, there is lot of stigma that is carried out about plastic surgery in Hawaii. The people who undergo a plastic surgery to change their appearance are often considered as shallow or fake and they are been criticized for attempting to change their look that was given to them by god. The general fact why people undergo plastic surgery is that they want to look better. Not only is this but the procedures of plastic surgery also done to deal with serious health conditions.

This procedure has become much safer and cheaper nowadays. More and more people are undergoing this procedure to alter their body. It also helps to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. You can read more about the best plastic surgeons in Hawaii here @

Here, are some of the questions which you should ask the Hawaii plastic surgeon before undergoing this procedure.

  1. Why Are You Seeking It: This is the most important question that you should ask the doctor before the procedure. You might want to improve certain part of your body because of a traumatic injury or a defect which you were born with or you might want to do it because you can slow down the process of aging. You should first make sure about your expectations regarding this procedure so that your doctor will be able to answer you exactly what the results will likely be.
  2. Steps to Be Taken: You should talk to a certified doctor in Hawaii before making any commitment to pursue this procedure. You should try to find out everything which you can about the specific procedure which you are considering, the typical recovery time, any potential side effects, whether short term or long term and others. Before the procedure, you should make sure that the doctor and the facility which you are choosing are well respected and trustworthy within the community of medical. If any of your family members, friends or acquaintance has undergone the same procedure then you should try to find out from them that which doctor they are recommending for the procedure. You should try getting reference from 2-3 doctors and talk to them about the procedure to get a firsthand account of their experience.
  3. What To Look in a Doctor: The doctor whom you are choosing for this procedure should be certified. You should know this that it takes a specialized, intensive training in the procedures of cosmetic to earn this certification, as well as the ability to pass difficult written and oral examinations. You should also try to find out that how experienced is the doctor to undergo the procedure of particular plastic surgery.

Are Diet pills the Answer to Effective, Long-Term Weight Reduction?

I am sure you have heard it all once before, these miracle diet pills and supplements that will make you lose all those pounds in a single month, or even a few weeks. Those things sound really good and promising, and in fact, they have already sold millions of products worldwide. You want to believe that this will be your savor from being a fat and ugly person. But let me tell you this now, this is all wrong!

You see diet supplements are NOT the answer to effective and long-term weight loss. But I do have to agree on the statement that it does help, and for some people even, it helps out a whole lot, but on the long run, it is still the good old way of proper diet and regular exercise that will do the trick for you.

The human body is built to work and move. You cannot expect to be sitting 15 hours a day or lying down in your couch for hours, and then remain as fit and as sexy as you can be. Remember, all the food that you eat is meant to supply you the energy for doing a lot of things. If you don’t burn them, they simply get stuck in your own body and cause you to become fat. Diet pills cannot address that condition. You have to move your ass and make sure that these stores of energy get utilized.

As mentioned above, these diet pills helps out a lot, but they are not the solution. To be clear in my point, let us take into consideration the fat burner pills and supplements: The idea of these pills is that they increase metabolism in individuals so that they can utilize the fat stores in the body. But the thing is that if you have so much fat stores and you don’t make a conscious effort to burn them all by working out, then these pills are for naught. Only by complementing your strict exercise regimen with these pills will you get the desired weight loss poundage. We recommend you to check to know more on diet pills.

Also one more important point in using these diet pills is that these are not designed for long term use. These things are not natural to the body. Some even have active ingredients that can be harmful to the body in the long run. Like for example in the case of the appetite suppressants. If you ingest too much for too long, your body might really be deprived of the proper nutrients it needs, and can eventually lead to starvation of your body. That is not good. So that is why you only use them for a specific time frame, and then when you get the desired weight loss, work hard and exercise to ensure you maintain that weight level.

Diet pills are not the answer for long term weight loss. Again, they do help, but they are not the main factors for it. Always go for the good old natural ways of diet and exercise, and I assure you, your life will be much more fun and healthier in the end.

Idol Lash- the best Eyelash Enhancer

Many women out there usually dream of longer as well as more noticeable eyelashes. Idol Lash is simply a cosmetic product which can make your eyelashes longer and fuller. It’s actually said to be one of the best eyelash enhancer that is available on the market today. After buying several different products on the market place, a good number of women have finally found that Idol Lash is the best.

Idol lash


This particular product promises you fuller, longer and also healthier lashes. It has in fact been seen on most of the major news stations including CNN, ABC, Fox, and CBS. You will not only find those praising it on television, but also on several magazine covers. It guarantees to give you long and also curly eyelashes which is exactly what many women have been trying to accomplish.


How does it work?

Idol Lash is usually recommended to be used just once a day and most preferably around the same time on daily basis. It’s natural and produced with the following ingredients:

  • Polypeptides
  • Keratin
  • Protein
  • Moisturizing agents
  • Vitamins
  • Honey extract
  • Kelp extract
  • Chamomile extract and
  • Cocoyl.


Created through the combination of all these completely natural as well as safe compounds, it gives support to your eyelashes. The combination aids the growth of the eyelashes by simply preventing your hair from breaking or even becoming brittle. Through this, it promises to make the eyelashes stronger, more vibrant, and healthier once you have finished just one month of using it. Some remaining ingredients of this product aid your eyelashes by simply providing all the nutrients and minerals which allows the hair to grow to the full capacity.


What does it cost?

This product is relatively cheap when compared to several competitors. With some similar products, you may expect to pay almost double for a product which may even not work as good as the Idol Lash. In case you would like to buy this product, simply buy it from the official website since it’s the best place to buy it. Buying from its official website guarantees that you will be getting the official product hence you will not be getting some of the third party products. You don’t want to end up buying some of the knock off items that doesn’t work.  You can pay money for a one-month supply for just $49.95

Buying this product seems to be an easy choice for individuals looking for an eyelash development product. You will not only get a product which has out-performed a number of other similar products which promise the same thing but also you will be getting a product that is made with only natural as well as safe ingredients. With this product, you need not to worry about using any of the harmful chemicals . Just give it a try today and definitely your eyelashes will be longer and curly. For more information visit


How You Can Scrub Skin with Regard to a Softer, More Youthful Look

exfoliation productsA refreshing and attractive look is promised by almost all products which are obtainable on the market. Not all are reputable. It will always be advisable to be diligent and locate supplements which are best suited for your skin layer. If you’re searching for face treatment exfoliators, you will have to end up being extra mindful.

Great skin starts with vitamin c face products so that you can put back what everyday life takes out of it.

It is not really easy to get more youthful appearance but that’s the thing many people are trying to find. There are plenty of websites marketing face creams, serums, face treatment scrubs, as well as lotions. There’s no doubt that together with the large volume of goods that can be found it’s not necessarily an easy task to pick out the most beneficial goods. The following paragraphs will give you a few advantages of face treatment peeling. Read more to learn a little more about it.

For starters, we must be aware of the essentials. Your skin is actually always renewing and dead cells deliver absolutely no advantages to your skin and peeling is the procedure that removes the particular old cells. Dead skin cells must be removed should you be dreaming about healthy and crystal clear epidermis. Let us look into the advantages and ideas now.

Chemical type and also mechanical peeling can be found. Chemical exfoliation varies from gentle toners all the way up to dermatological chemical peels that can cost you a lot of money. Mechanical peeling consists of facial washes making use of modest abrasive grains. You can use them to be able to lose dead skin cells. Mechanical peeling is additionally the most typical form. Microderm is certainly mechanical peeling at its most effective. Even though the two physical as well as chemical type exfoliation have their own respective advantages, stick to economical homeopathic remedies that are gentle on your skin and then your spending budget – you possibly can reach non irritating face restoration without breaking your finances.

At this moment we will check out a great point to keep your skin healthful and forestall aging of the skin. Once we mature, the procedure of removal of old cells gets reduced – this is a natural factor. You should begin exfoliating on a daily basis if you’d like to prevent the build-up regarding dead tissues. A great benefit associated with carrying out peeling day-to-day is that it boosts production of natural collagen which takes proper care of wrinkles.

The pores will undoubtedly be unblocked by peeling. We can’t get away the truth that old skin cells happen to be amassing constantly. In case there are lots of dead cells that are accumulating you may expect your current pores to get clogged and this will certainly end up in a dry physical appearance. This applies to women of all ages. Youthful females may possibly glance older than they are for this reason. This is why you have to be patient, perform some research and then come up with the proper choice on the subject of exfoliators.

To keep epidermis appearing youthful, clean and healthful for the winter season, invest in a mild facial exfoliator which you can use every single day. You have to make certain that you’ll select appropriate goods for the type of skin which is attained by doing a bit of investigation. You additionally ought to utilize sunscreen through the winter months together with exfoliation.

Information on How To Lose Man Boobs and Have A Flat Chest

Are wondering on how to lose man boobs and have a flat chest? You have just landed on the right information to get that good-looking packed chest. You need to sculpture those man boobs by keeping fit and exercising the appropriate workouts. The workouts or any dieting program you start be committed and disciplined enough for consistency until positive results. However, after banishing those man boobs you need to maintain your physique for them not to come back.

Bodybuilding excercises to get rid of man boobs

Men get these boobs from being overweight as these are fatty tissues stored in the pectoral muscles. Another reason for men getting man boobs is through a medical condition known as gynecomastia. It is defined as a hormonal condition that makes the body produce increased levels of estrogens and low amounts of testosterone. Gynecomastia is caused by certain medications influencing hormonal levels. It is also caused by testicular tumor that leads to increased estrogen production in the body.

If you get the men boobs for being overweight, you need to follow a proper diet and strength-training and cardio workout program. Therefore, you have to reduce the amounts of calories in your diet or increase the amount of calories you burn up through exercise. On the other hand, if gynecomastia has caused your man boobs, seek medical advice. Your doctor will either withdraw or change your medication or give anti-estrogen treatment. In some cases, surgery is preffered if at all the condition does not improve.

Cardio enables you burn a considerable amount of calories over specific time duration, assisting you to attain the caloric deficit necessary for eliminating man boob. Interval training done for around 20 to 25 is an ideal option for burning more calories. Ideally, easy cardio should be done 1 to 2 minutes whilst hard training should go for 20 to 30 seconds, both for 10 to 15 times.

Another cardio workout is running if at all you do not have joints problems. You can achieve fat loss by running every day. Another ideal exercise is rowing which takes in all the upper body muscles. You can do it through a rowing machine or outside. Rowing will help you sculpt that chest as you burn the fat.

Jump to the elliptical machine to burn more calories. This exercise is easy on the joints thus easy to start. Get involved in sporting activities such as hockey, tennis, basketball or soccer to burn that body fat causing man boobs.

Get involved in strength training to increase the lean muscle mass. Start exercises such as weight lifting, seated chest press, cable crossovers, incline flyes, pushups and bench press. A personal trainer will help in these exercises and show how to lose man boobs and have a flat chest to boost your self esteem and be attractive.

The Best Alternatives to Sugar

Healthy sugar substitutes

Sugar has always been a staple of many cuisines around the world. In small amounts, its uses range from natural sweetener to an ingredient in other dishes (especially those delicious cakes!). However, since sugar is already found hidden in many of our daily meals- in fruits for instance- and it definitely has a caloric value, it can often be a smart decision to look around for other options that allow you to keep that precious sweetness while heavily cutting your carbohydrates intake, a great goal whether you are currently on a diet or simply trying to eat healthy.

Here are some of the best sugar alternatives around:

- Stevia

Marketed under the names SweetLeaf and Truvia, this South American plant extract promises a sweetness up to 40 times that of traditional sugar while having virtually no calories to speak of, meaning it will not raise blood sugar levels. Even better, eating it encourages the natural production of insulin, which makes it a great alternative for diabetics too. The only downside it temporarily has is that it cannot be used in cakes and other baked products, since its excessive sweetness would alter their taste. However, as a substitute sweetener in coffee or breakfasts there are few better choices than Stevia.

- Yacon Syrup

This sweetener is extracted from the Yacon plant, a tuber that naturally grows on the slopes of the Andes mountains, in Peru and Bolivia. Already seeing widespread use among the Incas over a 600 years ago, this plant boasts a low glucose level and natural antioxidant properties superior to other salutary fruits and vegetables. With great properties such as low calories and sugars intake, this extract is great for slimming down without denying your sweet tooth too much. Since its taste is similar to that of caramel, it can find a number of uses in your kitchen, from sweetener to topping in ice creams and desserts. Get more information about yacon syrup properties from find out what other users say about yacon benefits and side effects.

-Agave Nectar

Harvested from the Agave plant (also famous for its use in tequila production), this nectar has a caloric intake slightly above that of traditional sugar. However, since it’s a lot sweeter, a small quantity does the same job of a large amount of sugar, making you eat healthier by simply reducing the quantity of the sweetening agent used. While it has a different texture and reaction to heat compared to sugar, it can be quite easy to learn to use it even in the baking of cakes and cookies, solving two problems in one.


With a tradition of more than 3000 years of use in meals and as a sweetener, you really can’t go wrong with honey. It has a low glycemic ratio, a sweetness higher than sugar by 50% and a vast array of vitamins and antioxidants, meaning honey satisfies all the requirements for a healthy and sweet sugar alternative.

What sugar substitutes do you use? have you ever tried any of these?

Clenbuterol Side Effects To Look Out For

clenbuterol fat loss

There are a variety of reasons why people use clenbuterol.

However, the most common way is actually not what the drug was designed for.

It turns out that clenbuterol, which is a steroid drug, was originally formulated to treat people suffering from asthma.

Although clenbuterol is used to treat asthma it has been found to contain weight loss properties. This discovery has been picked up by the diet industry and is now commonly used as a weight loss pill.

The steroid drug has also become very popular among athletes, especially weight lifters as it helps them produce high levels of energy. However, as clenbuterol is a steroid drug it can cause side effects if it is miss-used or taken for long periods of time.

If you decide to use clenbuterol to lose weight then you should take extra care by taking only the recommended dosage amount. It’s also wise to use for only for a short period of time. It is not worthwhile putting your health in jeopardy just to lose a few pounds.

Furthermore, it’s important to point out that any weight loss supplement will not make you lose weight on its own. Also clenbuterol results are always temporary as your body’s metabolic rate will return to its normal level once you stop taking the steroid.

The long term use of clenbuterol can actually have the opposite effect of what it was intended for. Instead of boosting energy and endurance levels the long term use of clen can actually reduce stamina and undermine your ability to sustain energy levels during workouts.

For example, a test carried out on lab rats, that were given a three week dosage of clenbuterol, found their ability to sustain endurance to complete certain exercises was diminished.  With this in mind, you should think very carefully before you decide to use clen. To find out more about other clenbuterol steroid side effects and safer alternatives go to

Another downside of taking clenbuterol is the risk that it could enlarge the heart. Now, an enlarged heart as a result of intensive cardio workouts is a good thing, however an enlarged heart as a result of taking clenbuterol certainly is not.

After an extended period of time, the long term use of clen can lead to a build up of collagen fibres, rather than an increase in muscle tissue. This build up of collagen can actually stem the blood flow and much needed oxygen to the cells and therefore negatively impact endurance and stamina levels.

Another common side effect of clenbuterol is the potential of cardio degeneration, especially when clen is used for a long periods. If you are not aware of what cardiac degeneration is, it simply means the breakdown of the heart and cardiovascular system. Over time this can have a serious impact on a person’s overall health. It definitely is something you will want to avoid at all costs.

As you can see, taking clenbuterol for long periods can lead to certain unwanted side effects. For this reason, it should be handled with care and only taken for a very short period of time.

4 Ways Green Lip Mussel Powder Can Benefit Your Health

Green lip mussel powder is a dietary supplement that is made from a type of shellfish that is native to New Zealand seashore – the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, scientific name – Perna canaliculus. Its main use of indication is to help relieve the arthritic pains and aches that are of inflammatory origin.

This mussel (GLM) has 4 main groups of nutrients that are beneficial not only for the inflamed body parts; it is also helpful for general well-being.


Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that our body cannot live without. Yet, our body is unable to make it. The only way we can replenish the level of omega3 is by obtaining it from food or supplements. Although the most well-known source of omega-3 is fish oil, GLM is another great source as well.

There are a few differences for the omegas that come from GLM. It is purer than the fish oil due to the well-kept pollution free waters of New Zealand. It is also more bioavailable. This means the omega3s you get from GLM is better absorbed by your body and you don’t need to consume as much to get the optimal amount of omega.


Mucopolysaccharides or known as MPS is an essential carbohydrate. Our body is able to make MPS but in a slow rate. MPS is found in synovial fluid that is responsible for lubricating our joints.

When the level of MPS run low not only you have increased joint friction causing pain and irritation, you age faster as well. Scientists have now made the correlation between low levels of MPS with increased aging process.

If you take MPS either from food or supplement you help to slow down the deterioration. Raw mussels contain rich MPS level, however not everyone is happy to eat a few dozen of raw mussels every day. Thus finding a quality GLM powder capsule that is produced in a way that preserves maximum level of MPS is very important.

Vitamins & Minerals

We all know that we need to eat our 5 portions of vegetables to receive proper nutrition. When you take green lip mussel powder you also give your body additional source of vitamins and minerals.

Xtend-Life, a reputable company did a nutritional analysis on their mussel supplement and found that the capsule contains 56 different nutrients that are all important for our health and well-beings.


Due to our busy lifestyle and modern pollution, our body is producing an increased level of free radicals. In fact the level of free radicals that are present in our body is at an all-time high that we need extra antioxidants to help our body combat them.

GLM contains a high level of antioxidants that adds to our body’s arsenal of weapons to fight against free radical damage. These mussels’ strong antioxidants came from the food they eat. The particular type of planktons these mussels feed on live in water that is exposed to higher than normal radiation thanks to the broken ozone layer directly over New Zealand. Thus for survival, they need to adapt to produce more antioxidants to combat this radiation. When GLM feed on these planktons, they absorbed the antioxidants these planktons produce.

Now that you have learnt the 4 ways green lip mussel powder can help with your health.

This article has been veto by our foundation’s research staff. For more information about the contents of this article, please contact us.